Team Kaynix

Kaynix Solutions was founded in 2011 by engineers with entrepreneurial thinking and lots of innovative ideas. With strong backgrounds in technology and business, we strive to innovate in all areas so as to create maximum value in any solution that we provide.

Priyanka Tyagi, CEO

Priyanka Tyagi Priyanka has been involved in the IT services industry for 10 years working in various domains like e-commerce, telecommunication, finance, marketing and transport. She is able to manage and execute all kinds of customized solutions from end to end. She has excellent interpersonal skills, motivated, energetic with proficiency for learning new technologies and business environments to provide effective and efficient IT solutions.

Gautam Kachru, CTO

Gautam Kachru An avid software engineer who enjoys making technology work for people, Gautam has been involved in complex product development life cycles working with global software products. He understands the challenges in designing and is able to manage product quality working against adversity.

He loves to play with cutting edge technologies across a variety of platforms and prides himself on knowing the best technology for any task.